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December 15, 2020

Multicultural Producers Expand Their Audiences in Virtual Worlds

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Virbela co-founder Alex Howland took to the stage last week at Omni Cultural TV Fest in partnership with NATPE, to discuss how virtual worlds can provide next-generation space for film festivals and other creative media events. 

Alex was joined on a panel called Virtually Speaking by Julia Carias-Linares, co-founder & CEO of Freedom Studios Inc. and EP, Omni Cultural TV Fest, and Niamani Knight, the 19 year-old founder of S.T.R.E.A.M, a kids’ educational platform.

Key to the panel was the idea of cultivating community within virtual spaces. Alex makes a succinct point: Without a driving culture, any space, physical or virtual, feels empty. 

By gathering in virtual spaces, organizations have the freedom to nurture and expand the cultural touchstones that work, while redeveloping aspects that may be outdated.

The Omni Cultural TV Fest, founded by producer Kiki Melendez, exemplifies this forward-thinking culture. As media creatives, its team members and content creators are already looking ahead for new ways to tell stories and produce meaningful art. With a mission to unite and celebrate all cultures, the 14-hour festival promotes diversity and inclusion during an immersive, uplifting day.

Hosting its event and panels in S.T.R.E.A.M. World, a 3D virtual environment powered by Virbela, the TV Fest promotes more than just entertainment. Official selections include scripted and unscripted dramas, web series, documentaries, comedies, and more for media buyers to screen. Relying on new styles of expression and creativity, the TV Fest helps place inspiring content in front of new and existing audiences.

After the panel, attendees were invited to have fun at a party hosted in the S.T.R.E.A.M. House of Grooves, a nightclub with full-on sound and dancing, powered by The Virbela SpeakeasyTM

As the entertainment industry evolves, events like the Omni Cultural TV Fest, its panels, and its parties showcase how virtual platforms accelerate culture for everyone.

To learn more about how virtual worlds can promote arts, entertainment, and events, book a tour.

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