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January 23, 2024

Build Your Company’s Virtual Community with Metaverse Events

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For many companies entering the metaverse, virtual events are a simple way to build community while developing new team capabilities. Events in the metaverse are immersive and inspiring, offering opportunities to connect and network.

In this article, we’ll explore how virtual events can help build the relationships you need to bring your company to a new level of productivity, innovation, and growth.

Spark a Brainstorm

Invite internal teams into the metaverse to surface new ideas in a new environment. Realistic scenes of virtual offices, community areas, and outdoor scenes let people loosen up and free their creativity.

Virtual workshops, brainstorming sessions, and hackathons can encourage cross-functional teams to work together, sparking innovative solutions to company challenges. Creating an atmosphere of openness and mutual support fosters a culture of collaboration that reinforces a shared sense of purpose among employees. Developing innovative ideas together lets individuals feel like they’re part of a group.

Facilitate Networking

Encourage networking in the metaverse, so that everyone feels like they stand to gain from new relationships. For some companies, this means organizing events that promote interaction among employees.

Here are a few ways you could inspire organic conversation:

  • Set up virtual networking lounges in environments like The Speakeasy and invite staff and clients to a mixer.
  • Host conferences of different sizes, featuring panelists or a guest speaker, and call an intermission or other breakout sessions.
  • Arrange thematic events, such as lunch and learn sessions, where leaders can share their expertise and insights with others.

Foster Transparency

Metaverse events present an excellent opportunity for company leaders to actively engage with their staff and other stakeholders.

Community is easier to build when you make the metaverse a consistent destination for announcements and question-and-answer sessions. Demonstrate your commitment to trust and transparency by hosting town halls, all hands, and other events.

When customers and clients witness leaders actively investing in community, they’re more like to consider the metaverse a meaningful place to connect around shared visions.

Reward Participation

Incentivize community by creating reward systems that include recognition or other perks

Start by recognizing those who contribute positively to metaverse participation efforts. For example, the natural leaders on your team may encourage others to join them in virtual spaces, like the cafe or campsite in Virbela.

With clients or other stakeholders, it can be helpful to motivate participation with perks ranging from social media tags to additional event support or branded offers.

Nurture Your Community

For companies beginning their journey in the metaverse, it's crucial to establish a strong brand presence and identity.

Metaverse events allow companies to customize their virtual spaces, creating memorable brand experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees. In the interactive environment of the metaverse, you can effectively communicate your mission, values, and offerings to a community of individuals who can contribute to your growth.

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