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December 10, 2021

The Growth of the Metaverse and Its Influence on Our Future Workplace

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With news of the metaverse expanding into the world of office spaces, companies are reassessing what it really means to be at work. 

At Virbela, virtual platforms allow for the kind of interaction that you’d normally find only in real life. Chatting, walking to a meeting, or decorating your office become part of your day—even if you work from home.

As hybrid work arrangements start to shift to the forefront, let’s explore how your company can use virtual platforms to open up a new world of work:

Energize Staff from Anywhere

There’s way too much subjective evidence of camera fatigue now that so many people work from home. It’s tiring talking to a screen and feeling like you can only express yourself in a box. It could also be contributing to a sense of dysphoria, particularly for women, as a Forbes article notes women may feel more critical of themselves on camera than men. 

In virtual worlds or metaverses, interactivity is much more realistic—and far less exhausting—because the boxes of video calls are gone. In a recent survey, 44% of people who use Virbela said an improved sense of collaboration with their colleagues was their favorite part about working in a virtual world. 

Build Scenic Spaces

To get the greatest engagement out of employees, it helps to have a little scenery. In virtual worlds like Virbela or FRAME, you can customize the way your office environment looks.

  • Administrators can include branded materials in reception areas, hallways, common spaces for meetings or socializing, and event halls.
  • Within each staff member’s office, they can customize furniture configurations and web boards to showcase their favorite online experiences or personal photos.

In common areas, this has an exceptional impact. For instance, Virbela features a beach with a speedboat and fireworks and a lounge called The Virbela Speakeasy™ that acts as a nightclub or dance hall.

Connect, Network, and Collaborate

Despite how much people love working from home, one thing is hard to overcome: a deep sense of disconnection. Compared to the bustle of a physical office space, working from home can make it hard to know what’s happening in other departments.

Virtual worlds and metaverses let you breeze by other people’s offices, stop into internal service areas, like an IT help center or your HR department. If you work across multiple disciplines or skill sets, you can enter various workspaces to feel more connected. 

Host Mega-Events

The idea of virtual offices becomes even more fun when you start thinking in terms of events. What happens when there’s a mega event at a venue that is a virtual expo hall or open-floor event space? 

Well, it’s been done. AfroTech hosted over 10,000 people, in the metaverse. People could move around, talk, sit next to each other, watch screens and a stage, and listen to music or enter private conversation areas. 

It’s totally different, layered, and engaging—better than reality even. In fact, 71% of people who have participated in an event in Virbela feel more connected to their fellow attendees than when they use video conferencing tools.  

As the world starts to shift into more expansive online and virtual spaces, your company can start to develop familiarity with the benefits. Execute long-range goals to go virtual by reaching out to

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