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February 23, 2022

Hosting Successful Metaverse Events - Virbela Newsletter 2.23.22

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In this edition of the Virbela newsletter, read our 5 tips for hosting a successful event in the Metaverse, get a sneak peek into the newest FRAME update, and catch up on the latest Metaverse news!

Spotlight: A 5 Step Guide to Hosting Events in the Metaverse

  • After a lot of trial and error over the last two years, event organizers have realized that there are a number of benefits to hosting virtual events. From accessibility and low travel costs, to creative venue options and endless customizations, hosting an event in a virtual world mimics the unique experience and connection that in-person events offer. 
  • Read our 5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Event

FRAME Update: Bringing Complex 3D Models into FRAME

  • The creation and use of 3D models has been skyrocketing. This was a trend that started well before the recent metaverse hype, with more companies creating sophisticated 3D models of their products to display online, and more artists leveraging increasingly powerful, accessible tools like Blender for the creation of 3D assets.
  • Explore 3D Models in FRAME!

February Experience: Black History Library

  • In honor of Black History Month, Virbela partnered with Octosmos to create a virtual library showcasing notable Black authors, poets, journalists, song writers, playwrights, and programmers! To explore, use the go to menu in the top left, and select "Black History Library!"
  • Download the Campus to Explore!

Team Suite Spotlight: UE Germany

  • University of Europe for Applied Sciences uses their Virbela Team Suite to connect their students and faculty from anywhere in the world for classes and events. New customers can use code 'workfromhome' for 10% off your monthly Team Suite subscription!
  • Learn More About Virbela Team Suites! 

Protocol: Work, dance break, go-karts: Inside the metaverse office

  • To truly understand working in the Metaverse, you have to immerse yourself in it. Protocol reporters Lizzy Lawrence and Sarah Roach spent a day in some of the most popular virtual worlds, including Virbela.
  • Watch now!

Brookings: A whole new world: Education meets the metaverse

  • As technology advances to bring us new immersive and imaginary worlds, how we educate children and prepare teachers must also advance to meet these new opportunities.
  • Read More!

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