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December 5, 2023

How to Increase Your Marketing Reach in the Metaverse

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The metaverse has quickly become a transformative force for enterprise companies, offering new opportunities to connect with larger audiences.

Right away, virtual worlds overcome geographic barriers, while providing a sense of physical presence that video can’t provide for groups. As you develop your capabilities, it becomes a dynamic platform for strategic options to enhance marketing.

Here, we’ll talk about how virtual worlds can help increase your reach and engage existing audiences.

Why choose the metaverse?

The decision to prioritize the metaverse over other platforms or channels lies in its ability to offer a multi-dimensional and immersive experience. Traditional marketing channels often struggle to capture the attention of a tech-savvy and digitally native audience. The metaverse, on the other hand, provides a space where creativity is easily configurable and scalable. This is a platform where you can tell brand stories in ways that are engaging, interactive, and memorable.

Build your identity in the metaverse

There are two ways to build identity in the metaverse. There’s your brand’s identity, which evolves in virtual worlds, so that people begin to associate you with immersive experiences and think of you as a tech pioneer. Then, you have the opportunity to build identity with avatars.

Create an avatar to be your best self at work. Download Virbela to try it.

In the metaverse, everyone engages in avatar form. Avatars are digital representations that you can change and update, depending on how you feel like expressing yourself at any given time. One of the easiest ways to get people excited about the metaverse is to encourage them to identify with their avatars.

This helps drive meaningful growth for your brand, because it drives culture, too. Avatars can help turn self-expression into an important touchstone at your company. It lets you fold unique visuals into your branding and campaigns. It signals to clients and prospects that you’re a solid partner who welcomes them as they are—or as they want to be.

Want to see for yourself what it’s like? Download Virbela for free and create your own avatar.

Invite your audiences to virtual events and experiences

One of the key advantages of the metaverse is that you can host highly engaging virtual events. That’s because events in the metaverse are naturally more engaging than video events. People talk and walk around. They interact with the space’s features, including furniture, architecture, outdoor scenes, and more. As a marketing leader, you can leverage these features for your organization’s benefit.

Memorable experiences have cascading effects. For instance, once people attend an event they love, they’ll be more likely to react to social media posts, open your marketing emails, and engage with other brand materials. As with any connected marketing strategy, these efforts help increase the ROI on other assets connected to the event and help streamline customer acquisition costs.

Here’s a quick list of events to get you inspired:

Networking and Collaboration

  • Visitor Headquarters
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Virtual Masterclass
  • Charity Gala

Products and Industry

  • User Conference
  • Expert Panel
  • Product Reveal
  • Product Expo
  • Product Kick-Offs
  • Virtual Trade Show

Culture and Entertainment

  • Award Celebration
  • Art Gallery
  • Music Party
  • Virtual Sports

Have questions about how to pull off a metaverse event? We can walk you through it in a few minutes. Reach out to

Amplify reach with influencers

Just as influencers dominate social media, the metaverse holds the power to create a new class of influencers. While these new relationships begin to emerge, you can bring your company to the forefront of trends by establishing connections now. For leaders that move quickly, there’s likely to be a strong positive response. Your selected partners are likely to be excited to say yes, because they want to be involved in emerging technology, too.

Bringing industry experts into the metaverse with you helps strengthen larger campaign efforts and initiatives. These partnerships can help build interest and loyalty within your existing audiences, because people see your brand provides cutting-edge thought leadership. They also let you attract and acquire new customers by helping you reach new audiences. In combination with the metaverse as a new shared space where people can gather, you can create synergistic momentum for your marketing goals and objectives.

Make a plan to grow your marketing reach

Once you’re ready to start developing your growth plan, reach out to us for help. We’ll give you the info and insights you need to meet your objectives. Our dedicated team can help you define target audiences and create the perfect virtual experiences for events and activations. Since the metaverse is designed to facilitate social connections, we can also help you onboard your own team, so that you can develop your organization’s expertise and act as a leader during an important time for your company. Email

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