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August 15, 2023

Introducing Campus Stream: Virbela Is Now Available on the Web

Campus Stream delivers a new way to access Virbela seamlessly.
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Virbela is thrilled to announce Campus Stream, a new way to access Virbela that allows you to dive into the enterprise metaverse from your web browser.

Ready to use Virbela with Campus Stream? Virbela is offering support to interested customers who want to be among the first to discover the future of web-based metaverse exploration.

Reach out to your account manager to secure your access to Campus Stream or contact to learn more.

What Is Campus Stream?

Campus Stream introduces a new way to access your Virbela virtual campus in a way that’s already familiar. Combining the web’s ease of use with the large-scale interactivity of virtual worlds, you can now seamlessly access the enterprise metaverse from your web browser.

Campus Stream leverages the innovative GeForce NOW Graphics Delivery Network (GDN) from Nvidia. Users can expect the same functionality and ease-of-use with Campus Stream as they experience when using the Virbela desktop application.

The Metaverse on the Web

Typically, web browsers might struggle to mirror the performance and handle the high number of users that virtual worlds like Virbela can accommodate.

Campus Stream is designed to allow everyone to interact simultaneously, providing fast response times for organic conversations and exploration of your favorite Virbela environments.

This makes it an ideal solution for new users to jump in and start familiarizing themselves with the metaverse. Existing Virbela users can enter Campus Stream for the same experience they already enjoy.

Users can still access Virbela from the desktop application at any time. Both options are always-on and provide the same functionality, including avatar customization, teleporting between locations, and private volume areas for confidential conversation.

Campus Stream at Cannes Lions

We saw how Campus Stream brings exciting metaverse experiences to life at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The festival is a global event for advertising and creative communications, celebrating the presentation of Lions awards across multiple categories. It’s held in the south of France and it’s easy to wish you were there.

This year, Virbela developed a unique French Riviera-themed metaverse experience that made it possible for anyone to participate in the festival from anywhere in the world.

Hosted by PwC, the Cannes-inspired virtual environment featured a beachfront promenade with Mediterranean architecture. A special boat extended PwC’s offerings at Cannes, connecting their in-person experiences with virtual presentations by thought leaders and a generative AI exhibit.

Typically, an experience like this would take place in a private virtual world, requiring the download of an application and a unique login.

With Campus Stream, PwC was able to leverage the leading edge of metaverse innovation and provide a seamless way for more people to attend the virtual event.  

Easy Access for Users

Campus Stream is designed to be easy for anyone to use.

Virbela campus administrators provide invite-based permissions for users to enter their virtual worlds via Campus Stream:

  • Existing Virbela users find the same login process as with Virbela's desktop application.
  • New Virbela users go through a straightforward, user-friendly signup process.

Campus Stream invites provide you with the same level of access and control as you have when downloading the desktop application. Just like you’d share a link to download your private campus application, invite-based permissions help you ensure you’re keeping your community and its data safe.

Protecting user data remains a top priority for Virbela. Campus Stream automatically erases all user data after each session, providing an added layer of security and ensuring your information remains protected from unauthorized access.

This is the same as when you access Virbela via the desktop application. Conversations are never recorded, and data is erased when you exit.

Campus owners can find administrative settings and dashboards where they expect in Campus Stream with no need to learn or create new processes.

What’s Next for the Metaverse

With Campus Stream, Virbela is providing an accessible and efficient way to explore the metaverse. We invite you to join us on this journey as we redefine the way we interact, collaborate, and explore in the virtual world.

Ready to embark on the next frontier of the metaverse? Join Campus Stream and experience a new level of virtual campus exploration. If you are an existing Virbela user, contact your account manager to get started. New users can reach out to to learn more.

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