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September 7, 2022

New from Virbela: Interactive Community Experiences, Campus Decor Add-Ons and Metaverse Advisors

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As the rollout of the new Virbela campus continues, companies are starting to discover new ways to maximize their virtual workspaces and delight users. Created to look and feel like a modern city, Virbela Private Campuses feature expansive spaces for work, learning, and building community. 

Organizational psychologists led the design of these immersive worlds to ensure your team can thrive far into the future. That leaves the fun parts up to you. How will you gather, connect, and get inspired in your Virbela world?

As part of Metaverse Solutions, we’ve developed a few ways for you to enhance your experience: Interactive Community Experiences, Creative Content Services, and Metaverse Advisors. Reach out to to get started.

New Metaverse Solutions 

Our new Metaverse Solutions provide easily deployable content to keep your teams engaged and your clients coming back for more.

Virbela Metaverse Solutions include:

  • Interactive Community Experiences: Curated, themed exhibits installed in your Private Campus to foster engagement, community, and culture
  • Creative Content: Stunning visual assets to instantly bring your virtual environment to life and keep it fresh and interesting
  • Metaverse Advisors: Expert consultants for Metaverse events and experiences

Choose from a variety of interactive experiences and creative content or work with our team of expert advisors to design and create a custom experience.  

Interactive Community Experiences

You may have already been to one of Virbela’s Community Experiences. These themed curations are rich with cultural content and offer an interactive way for teams to spend time together, learning about history, art, technology, and social initiatives. 

One of our favorite Community Experiences includes the Black History Library, an expo hall turned into a virtual learning landscape. Developed in conjunction with Alexandria African American Hall of Fame Educator/Historian Bonnie Bracey Sutton and other community leaders, this exhibit attracted teams from all over the world to learn about evolving Black culture.

Other Community Experiences include the Mind Gym, a brain wellness center with a special focus on neurodiversity, and the Pride Speakeasy, a bold expression of personal pride in the Metaverse. 

These exhibits can be designed to feature your own branding and customizations and installed directly in your company’s Private Campus, so that your staff can enter and connect in new Metaverse spaces any time they wish.

Creative Content

Bring your Virbela environment to life with new Creative Content packages that let you personalize each space however you want with multimedia content that holds universal appeal. 

Designed for Private Campuses, Team Suites and event organizers, these packages let you create depth and dimension in your office. These new add-ons also allow you to build the decor vibe that means something to you in your own personal office.

  • Explore the Creative Content Marketplace in Virbela’s Open Campus to check out what you could include in your workspaces. 
  • Check out a wide variety of creative styles that allow you to add color and texture to your space.
  • Include windows in your offices that feature outdoor scenery for a feeling of greater spaciousness and expansive views.

Come see what these multimedia looks can do for your campus when you visit the Creative Content Marketplace. 

Metaverse Advisors

All of Virbela’s new content is designed so that anyone can design their own spaces, but for a little more of a personal touch, you can work with our Metaverse Advisors.

These virtual experts are here to help guide you and support the implementation of your Interactive Community Experiences, Creative Content, and other events your company might throw, like client parties, all-hands meetings and more. We can also consult you on navigating the new technology frontier of the metaverse with strategies that suit your organization’s needs. 

Develop team-building activities, improve engagement, and find creative ways to design an entire campus. Virbela’s new suite of solutions will help you create transformative virtual experiences and stronger communities. Reach out to to get started.

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