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June 27, 2022

Virbela Wins a 2022 RemoteTech Breakthrough Award for Virtual Platforms

Virbela is the winner of the 2022 RemoteTech Breakthrough Award for Virtual Remote Co-working Platform of the Year. The awards receive over 1,700 submissions each year.
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Virbela is proud to announce that we’ve won the 2022 RemoteTech Breakthrough Award for Virtual Remote Co-working Platform of the Year. 

As remote work advances at companies of all sizes, leaders are challenged to discover new technology solutions that foster productivity, collaboration, and innovation. The RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards are designed to recognize the world’s best technology companies, products, and services empowering remote work today. 

The awards receive over 1,700 submissions from around the globe each year. Other 2022 category winners include companies like Aircall, Limeade, Workona, Stack Overflow, Notion, and Workday. 

About the RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards 

Remote technology can help define levels of trust, productivity, and communication at companies. With the growing number of tools and services available on the market, it’s vital to know which technology can truly make a difference for your teams’ ability to achieve company goals and objectives. 

Judges are senior business and technology professionals working within the RemoteTech space, including analysts and technology executives. From startups to veterans, the judges’ panel provides balanced perspectives to fairly and thoroughly evaluate each award submission.

RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards are awarded in a variety of categories, including messaging and communication, video conferencing, project management, events, collaboration, training, benefits, and collaborative design.

Virbela’s award as Virtual Remote Co-working Platform of the Year falls under the Virtual Office & Co-working category. 

How Virbela Stands Out

Virbela invites enterprise companies to realize the benefits of real-time teamwork and collaboration from anywhere, while providing a frictionless experience for staff. The day-to-day workflow surpasses the grind of the typical office in matters of both work-life balance and on-the-job engagement.

Within each space, scenes let staff feel like they’re going to work in a beautifully modern, tech-optimized city. A realistic grid layout and dynamic architecture result in a feeling of true immersion within a few minutes, even for users who are new to the Metaverse or virtual offices.

The recent launch of the new Virbela Open Campus includes enhanced spaces to build culture, including a new Community Center, featuring interactive, museum-style exhibits; the Virbela Speakeasy, a virtual lounge with a dance floor and stage; a beach with boat rides; hiking trails to the top of a mountain; and easily customizable XR art galleries. These environments allow companies to engage remote workers with social events, onboarding sessions, and team-building activities.    

Staff are inspired  to do their best work while they’re in the new Virbela campus and feel like they’ve left for the day when it’s over. No other enterprise metaverse world offers this level or breadth of services available for use today–or makes it so easy to attract top talent and support staff from anywhere. 

Innovative Companies in Virbela

In addition to the recognition of the 2022 RemoteTech Breakthrough Award, Virbela creates bespoke private campuses for some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, including eXp Realty, Deloitte, PwC, Fujitsu, and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few. 

As an indication of the power of the Metaverse to help companies scale and thrive, multi-billion dollar real estate firm eXp Realty operates entirely in Virbela. That company already has more than 80,000 agents in more than 20 markets globally, and has been a Glassdoor “Best Places to Work” 5 years in a row. They’re the only fully remote company to receive that honor. 

This type of hypergrowth and connectivity is available to companies anywhere. For more on how Virbela can help promote teamwork, follow us on LinkedIn or learn how to customize your own enterprise campus by emailing

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