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April 21, 2021

With FRAME, Anyone Can Shift to Virtual in Minutes

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Once you’ve been immersed in a virtual space, you get why 3-D environments are catching on so quickly. It’s easy to talk, present, share docs, and change the scenery.

But as more organizations make the switch to virtual or hybrid solutions, you might wish there was a more instantaneous way to get together. One that doesn’t involve turning on your video camera. With a web-based virtual reality, there is.

Virbela developers listened to prospects and mined client insights to create FRAME. Built to be the most instant and frictionless virtual collaboration experience possible, FRAME brings people together in immersive, highly customizable spaces for meetings, events, and learning.

If you’ve been looking for a lightweight way to connect with your teams online, all you have to do is enter, look around, and set up your own Frame.

What Can You Do in FRAME?

You can use FRAME for work, education, or events. Talk, text or drop links in chat, use your webcam, and screenshare—everything you need to hold a meeting, teach a class, or host an event. Once you’re set up, you can have up to 60 people in your Frame at once.

With just the click of a link, FRAME makes it easy for people to communicate and collaborate using their mobile device, desktop, or VR headset—no download required. Anyone can enter, set up a Frame, customize it, and start using it. 

In beta, the site is free; as more features become available, you’ll have the choice to upgrade or keep using the free version. No pressure. Just start using it and see how it supports your company’s needs.

Rolling out New Features

With FRAME gaining in popularity, new features are becoming available all the time. Stay current on how to make the most of what’s new by checking out the tutorial section within your own Frame.

Some of our favorite recent features include:

  • New environments, including a massive campus, lounge, floating hall, or an island.
  • Spectator mode lets you invite more people to connect to your Frame, even when it’s full.
  • Speech-to-text and text-chat translation tools broaden how you can communicate.
  • Emojis keep it fun and personal, while enriching your conversations.
  • Teleportation navigation for VR users makes it fast and easy to go to other spaces in your Frame.
  • Links and location tags ensure avatars enter your Frame at exactly the right spot for your meeting or event—your desk, a hall entrance, or welcome booth. 
  • Expanded admin permissions let trusted partners adjust your Frame settings for you.

These features are designed to make offices more effective or classrooms more engaging. For events, you have the chance to create a personalized, unique experience your guests will be excited to talk about.

As you do more in your Frame, you can continue to customize your space in creative ways.

Customizing Your Frame

Just like in your Virbela campus, where you can configure your space and its appearance, your Frame has options. You can upload assets, like your own 3D models, to create a 360º setting or create scenes that act as transitions between other content.

Avatars reflect who you are for natural interactions. Choose skin tone, hair, eye color, and clothing color—or get a little wild and decide to move around as an android.

As FRAME rolls out more features, more customizations become available. For now, features like private audio, megaphones, notifications when guests enter your Frame, and more let you perfect your experience.

Start playing around with your Frame to see what works best for you and your teams.

Design your Frame now. For more support, check out the tutorials up at or join the FRAME Discord.

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