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January 26, 2022

Become Immersed in the Metaverse - Virbela Newsletter 1.26.22

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In this edition of the Virbela newsletter, read how universities are designing immersive campuses in the Metaverse, discover our top tips for decorating your virtual office, and learn about a new FRAME feature!

Spotlight: Three Universities Already Teaching Classes in the Metaverse

  • Universities are getting creative and exploring solutions that can allow students to feel together, even when they're physically apart. They're designing their own virtual campus and classrooms in the Metaverse to engage students, empower faculty, and bring the spark back to learning.
  • Explore Their Virtual Campuses!

Blog: Four Cool Ideas to Decorate Your Virtual Office

  • While there are a number of benefits to working in a virtual office, one of the most fun perks is being able to fully customize your office space in a matter of minutes. From changing furniture to adding personalized photos, it is easy to make your Metaverse office a space that is comfortable and productive for your day-to-day work and meetings. 
  • Get Virtual Office Inspo!

New FRAME Feature: Brand the FRAME User Interface and Avatars

  • It’s always been easy to bring your own logos and position them where you want in your Frame, but now FRAME users can add their own logos on the user interface itself and on avatar clothing, too! 
  • Explore New FRAME Features!

January Experience: Virtual Sento from Octosmos

  • Need a moment of mindfulness? Stop into the virtual Sento designed by Octosmos in the Virbela Open Campus! Use the Go To Menu, select “Virbela Offices, and then “Virtual Sento Experience!” 
  • Download the Campus to Explore!

Comparably: Innovation & Impact with Alex Howland

  • Alex Howland, President and Co-Founder of Virbela, spoke to Comparably about his background, how the company came about, and his vision for its future. 
  • Take a Peek Into Creating Virbela!

Medium Predict: 10 Metaverse jobs that will exist by 2030

  • Innovative companies are building the #Metaverse, leaving many wondering what jobs might be created? Read thoughts from Adrien Book on Medium Predict. 
  • Discover his Predictions!

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