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April 19, 2023

National Stress Awareness Month: How the Metaverse Can Reduce Workplace Stress

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April is National Stress Awareness Month. The The National Institutes of Health recognizes this month to help provide stress management as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s our take on how to mitigate work stress:

At Virbela, one of our core values is to offer virtual worlds that mitigate the impact of stress at work. We believe individual control over work-life balance can lead to better personal outcomes for people and greater productivity and innovation for companies.

If you’re a Virbela user or considering how the #metaverse can make work easier and more effective, we have 4 easy tips to reduce workplace stress:

✅ Focus on objectives over logged hours. When people are free to explore, experiment, and achieve, they feel better about work. While some industries are more structured, most scenarios that involve heavy oversight and strict rules around individual schedules are a reflection of outdated values. Anyone who has worked at a place like this knows it’s more stressful than it needs to be. The metaverse is always on and offers the variety of spaces required for teams to coordinate in ways that work best for them.

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✅ Give each staff member an individual office. This is cost-effective in virtual worlds, where campuses scale quickly and easily, even if you couldn’t come close to affording it in a physical office. The personal space lets people concentrate on their work and feel in control, while remaining available for close collaboration and providing social benefits.

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✅ Meet in inspiring common areas. In Virbela, you can meet in fully equipped boardrooms, amphitheaters with multiple screens, lounge club settings, and outdoor-inspired environments. By keeping meeting spaces engaging, you can help your teams feel good about their work days and inspire them to contribute in new ways.

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✅ Create organic opportunities to interact. The metaverse makes it easy to provide public spaces where people can work together. Private volume areas preserve confidentiality while speaking. Concierge desks help staff make the most of a space. Work friends can sit together in the metaverse and catch up while eating lunch at home or in a restaurant. These relationships lead to better collaboration and help support mental health by reducing stress.

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Explore Virbela on your own or with colleagues at any time to see for yourself how you can reduce stress at your organization.  

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