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July 17, 2019

Introducing the Large Auditorium

It's a new era for large-scale virtual events, webinars, and collaboration.
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A few months ago, we wrote a post about a new VirBELA record that was set for the number of users in a VirBELA virtual world at once: 916. This happened when eXp Realty used their VirBELA world to host a large, online training for their real estate agents.

While proud of this accomplishment, we noted that there were ways we could improve the experience for users during large-scale interactions like this. One of them was simply making sure the 3D virtual environment was large enough to comfortably accommodate so many avatars. In eXp's interaction, there wasn't enough seating in the auditorium to go around for all of the avatars!

To address this issue, we're happy to introduce a new space in the VirBELA Open Campus: The Large Auditorium. The Large Auditorium makes VirBELA an even better space for massive online meetings, events, webinars, and more.

Checking out the Large Auditorium is easy. Go to the VirBELA Open Campus (free) and in the "Go To" menu in the top left, select the Large Auditorium. You'll notice the stage has three big screens and if you walk up on the stage, you'll be able to display web sites or upload files to each one of them. This lets you display multiple pieces of content at once, so you don't need to be juggling them on the fly in the middle of a presentation. Even attendees at the very back of the auditorium can look at the content by using our screen zoom feature:

No disadvantage to being in the back.

Also, if you're a moderator of a Campus, you can change the size of the Auditorium by adding or removing seating sections. If your event has more attendees than you anticipated, that's no problem. You can just add another row of seating:

Let there be seats.

Interested in exploring the Large Auditorium in the VirBELA Open Campus? We encourage you to book a free, guided tour with one of our VirBELA experts, or simply download VirBELA and explore it on your own.

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