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September 9, 2019

VirBELA Campus Hub: Making VirBELA Even Better for Online, Immersive Events

There's a new way to see upcoming events and updates in VirBELA, our immersive world for online collaboration and co-working.
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At VirBELA, we're building a community of people interested in the future of work, collaboration, and co-working. The VirBELA Cloud Campus is our immersive home for events, remote team collaboration spaces, and more. This is co-working 2.0: cloud-based, global, and limitless.

There's an update to the VirBELA Cloud Campus that we're excited to share with you: the VirBELA Campus Hub. The Campus Hub provides a quick, easy way for people to see upcoming events in VirBELA, learn about features with short learning videos, and see the latest updates to Cloud Campus and Team Suites, the private team workplaces that live inside it.

Accessing the Campus Hub can be done with a click of a button no matter where you are in the Cloud Campus - the button is at the top right of the screen, next to the settings button. Take a look:

The VirBELA Hub is one step on our journey to make the Cloud Campus an even better place for immersive online events. How? It makes upcoming events more discoverable, makes it easier for event attendees to learn how to use VirBELA, and helps event-goers find where they need to go for the events they are interested in.

The latest large event held in the VirBELA Cloud Campus, a gathering of 135 innovators hosted by Peter Diamandis, was a rousing success and we're excited to bring many more events like this to Cloud Campus. If curious about Peter's event, you can read more about it here.

Peter Diamandis hosting an event in the VirBELA Cloud Campus

This is only the beginning of the Campus Hub, and we look forward to building on this foundation to continue to make the VirBELA Cloud Campus a dynamic environment for event discovery and hosting.

Want to check it out? Download VirBELA here, enter the Campus, and click the button with the VirBELA swirl icon in the top right of the screen. If you want, register for an event, check out a tutorial video, or look at the latest release notes about VirBELA. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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