eXp Realty

Service Used: Enterprise Campus

In 2016, a little-known real estate start-up named eXp Realty migrated their entire business to our cloud-based, virtual environment. Since then, they’ve grown over 1,600%, been valued at over 1.2 billion, and were named one of the “Best Places To Work” by Glassdoor in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

"The virtual campus is a big part of our growth engine. If we were to have the constraints of physical offices, the growth we’ve had simply wouldn’t be possible."

-Glenn Sanford, CEO, eXP Realty


Laval Virtual World 2020

Service Used: Events

Laval Virtual hosted the largest online event we’ve seen in VirBELA to date, with more than 6,600 people from 110 countries. Laval Virtual World 2020 demonstrates VirBELA's ability to bring large groups of people together in a time when social distancing is the new normal.

"Our partnership with VirBELA was born from a thorough research of all the existing platforms for remote events, and they had what could meet all our needs: a very accessible solution, fun & well thought interactions, great conference and meeting configurations, but also significant possibilities of concurrent connections. We are looking forward to doing more, and helping each other to make communities thrive in these virtual environments.”

- Laurent Chrétien, CEO of Laval Virtual


The Honor Foundation

Service Used: Private Campus

The Honor Foundation uses a VirBELA Private Campus to deliver world-class transition curriculum to Navy Seals, Army Special Ops Command, and other military groups no matter where they are in the world.

"This platform is truly remarkable and enables THF to reach fellows truly deserving of the process. I'm honored to be a part of this learning adventure. #thefutureisnow"

-Zachary Rivera, The Honor Foundation Student

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JTAC Training

Service Used: Custom Development

The JTAC is a highly specialized qualification within the US military and JTACs conduct their work in the world’s most challenging locations.

VirBELA’s JVT solution is a fully immersive, lightweight, and transportable virtual reality (VR) training kit that can be easily carried around the world to provide timely, high fidelity procedural training to JTACs anywhere, anytime.

Singularity University

Service Used: Virtual Events

Singularity University takes advantage of our free, Open Campus to meet and host events for their staff. Using our presentation tools, Singularity University instructors are able to share dynamic content with large audiences and engage their members from anywhere in the world.

"I love that using the virtual campus can recreate, to a surprising degree, some of the social dynamics and behaviors you would expect to see in the physical real world."

Aaron Frank, Singularity University Lecturer


University of California, San Diego

Service Used: Enterprise Campus

The Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego has found success using the VirBELA platform as the centerpiece of its global micro-MBA program.

"VirBELA enriched the overall learning experience by promoting collaboration, stimulating discussion and creating a feeling of spatial togetherness — components that some find lacking in today’s online learning modalities.”

-Cynthia Hanson, Director of Strategic Innovation & Educational Technology, UCSD



Service Used: Team Suite

Riley is a technology consultancy that is passionate about helping businesses thrive through the use of cloud and emerging technologies. In a recent blog post, Riley debuted their new VirBELA Team Suite, which allows them to adopt sustainable business practices, support work-life balance and develop virtual teams.

"At Riley, we built our remote working office in VirBela. Consultants can gather around a table for a meeting, work at computers in a common room or head to their private offices.Running a virtual workplace allows teams to see, talk and work with each other, no matter where they all are, in a way no other technology can."

-from the Riley Blog


Davenport University

Service Used: Team Suite

Davenport University uses a VirBELA Team Room to promote online interaction between teachers, students, and staff participating in distance education courses or collaborating online remotely.

"A lot of our students and faculty are international, and a Team Room gives us a shared space to come together to work on projects and courses, and also a space where we can hold classes...this is a much more enjoyable way, according to our students and faculty, to interact with each other and engage online."

-Jeff Wiggerman and Brian Miller, Davenport University

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EGADE Business School

Service Used: Team Suite

As a pioneer in business education innovation in Latin America, EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey continuously seeks to build extraordinary experiences for its community whatever the circumstances. The Covid-19 context meant that multiple academic programs, co-curricular experiences, admissions activities and events moved to virtual across distinct platforms. With VirBELA, EGADE has been able to bring innovation and excitement to virtual MasterClasses, Bootcamps,Workshops, Alumni Forums and Admissions Sessions and much more, facilitating next-generation remote collaboration and engagement.

More than a quarter of the class sessions in EGADE’s Full-Time MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Master in Business Management are taking place on VirBELA’s immersive virtual campus, sparking new and positive impacts for current and future generations of graduate students.

“We needed an improved virtual experience, where instead of being passive listeners, students transformed into active players and game-changers. With VirBELA our students now create their avatars, explore our virtual campus, and dance Zumba, all while receiving cutting edge education. This gamification approach to education has boosted the virtual EGADE experience in all aspects.”

-Julien Depauw, Head of Academic Innovation, EGADE